REPORTAGE - Jordan Valley, Occupied Palestine

July 2011

The area of the Jordan valley comprehend approximately one third of the whole West Bank and represent the 47% of its total water resources. Since the 1967 Israel took control of the 95% of the area: half of it through the establishment of settlements and the rest of it with military zones and natural reserves. The most of the water is used by the Israeli settlements to produce dates, grapes, banana and peppers which predominantly exported to Europe. The occupation in the Jordan valley is about the profit that these products create. Since 1967, 36 settlements came up, inhabited by 6,400 settlers inhabited them today. The settlers control the 98% of the water resources in the valley. Life has become impossible for the Palestinians. 5 up to 6 citizens had decided to leave. Those who are remaining are doing so as an act of resistance.

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